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Saemangeum Got Talent : A Showcase of Youth Talent from Around the World

□ The Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree Organizing Committee
(hereinafter referred to as 'the organizing committee') has
announced that the Saemangeum Got Talent performance will
take place on Monday, August 7, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the
main arena in the Delta Area of the Saemangeum Jamboree site.
○ In this Saemangeum Got Talent event, Scout participants from
17 countries will showcase their traditional dances, songs, and
other performances.
○ Initially, the organizing committee had planned to hold the
Saemangeum Got Talent on the morning of August 6, as part
of Cultural Exchange Day. However, considering the ongoing
heatwave, the event was rescheduled to the evening of August
7. To ensure the participants' health and safety, each team's
performance time will be limited to 3 to 5 minutes.- 2 -
□ Among the participating teams from 17 countries*, Scouts from
Mexico, Bangladesh, and Indonesia will present traditional
costumes and dances from their respective countries, while
Dutch and Taiwanese participants are planning to perform
K-pop dances.
※ Belgium, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Germany, Bangladesh, Indonesia, 
Ecuador, Netherlands, Tunisia, Morocco, Venezuela, Slovakia, Taiwan, 
Italy, Uganda, Kenya