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All Saemangeum Jamboree participants have been assigned accommodations and will be safely transferred.

1. Main Reporting Points
○ "Emergency Due to Typhoon... Jamboree Rushing to Find
Accommodations, Including 30 Corporate Facilities"*, "Goyang
KINTEX Capable of Hosting 10,000 People Under
Consideration as Jamboree Accommodations"**
* Kukinews report (August 8, 2023), ** Yonhap News report (August 8,
2. Organizing Committee's Position on the Mentioned 
Media Reports
○ In preparation for Typhoon Khanun, the sixth typhoon of the
year, we have decided to relocate Jamboree participants to safe
locations. Accommodations for participants have been primarily
arranged in public and private facilities within the Seoul
Metropolitan Area and the Chungcheong region, with themajority of participants staying in single or twin rooms.
○ We are planning to commence the transfer soon, and we will
make every effort to support participants during the remaining
Jamboree period, ensuring they can continue their Jamboree
experience, including various hands-on activities, in a safe