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Emergency Evacuation Status Briefing Due to Typhoon Khanuns Northward Movement

This is Lee Sang-min, the Minister of the Interior and Safety, 
overseeing the Government Emergency Preparedness and Response 
I will now provide an update on the emergency evacuation status for 
participants of the 2023 Saemangeum 25th World Scout Jamboree in 
response to Typhoon Khanun.
As you are aware, this evacuation is part of the emergency 
measures to protect the global youth participating in the Jamboree 
from the disaster situation posed by the typhoon.
On August 6, the President directed the formulation of 
government-level measures, and as per the directive on August 7 
to establish and execute the Jamboree Government Emergency 
Response Team, we are coordinating closely with the Organizing 
Committee, the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), 
and contingents from various countries.
Firstly, I will provide information on the status of the emergency 
evacuation and movement.
After the first bus carrying participants from Taiwan departed at 9 
a.m. this morning, a total of 1,014 buses have sequentially left for 
their respective destinations. The total number of participants 
being transferred is approximately 37,000 from 156 countries.Buses have been arranged by country, and interpreters will also be 
present to facilitate smooth communication upon arrival at the 
To ensure participants' safety during transportation, four police 
helicopters are providing aerial guidance, and 273 patrol cars and 
patrol motorcycles are escorting the buses.
Next is the status of emergency accommodations. In collaboration 
with eight provinces, including the Seoul Metropolitan Area, a total 
of 128 accommodations are being operated.
Seoul: 17 accommodations, 8 countries, 3,133 participants
Gyeonggi: 64 accommodations, 88 countries, 13,568 participants
Incheon: 8 accommodations, 27 countries, 3,257 participants
Daejeon: 6 accommodations, 2 countries, 1,355 participants
Sejong: 3 accommodations, 2 countries, 716 participants
Chungbuk: 7 accommodations, 3 countries, 2,710 participants
Chungnam: 18 accommodations, 18 countries, 6,274 participants
Jeonbuk: 5 accommodations, 10 countries, 5,541 participants
※ Based on the information received from WOSM, accurate statistics will be 
compiled using the actual boarding numbers.
Local government authorities are conducting checks on the 
cleanliness of rooms and restrooms in these facilities, as well as 
preparing medical measures to ensure participants' safety and 
comfort upon arrival.The police will conduct patrols at the accommodations, and the 
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is thoroughly inspecting the 
quality and quantity of meals provided to participants, as well as 
the sanitary conditions of the food, to ensure participants' health 
Furthermore, the government will continue to operate the Jamboree 
programs for the remaining four nights and five days so that 
participants can continue their Jamboree experience.
Until the moment participants depart, the government and local 
authorities will work together to ensure that participants can 
experience South Korea safely and enjoyably and conclude all 
activities with a sense of happiness.
We kindly ask citizens to warmly welcome the Jamboree 
participants as they arrive at their accommodations after a long 
Thank you.