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“The K-pop concert will serve as the touching finale of the Jamboree”

A K-pop performance, set to grace the grand finale of the 2023 
Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree, will take place from 7 p.m. on 
August 11 (Friday) for a duration of two hours at the Seoul World 
Cup Stadium, located in Mapo-gu, Seoul. The Jamboree's closing 
ceremony will also be held at the same venue preceding the 
On the 8th (Tuesday), the government and the Jamboree organizing 
committee confirmed this arrangement. The decision to relocate the 
concert venue to the Seoul World Cup Stadium was inevitable due 
to the projected path of Typhoon Khanun passing over the Korean 
 Moreover, this decision was made after thorough consideration of 
several factors. These include the convenience of travel time and 
accessibility to the venue, as most participants have left 
Saemangeum and are primarily staying in the Seoul Metropolitan 
Area. Other factors include the accumulated expertise in event 
management and safety at Seoul World Cup Stadium, an enhanced 
viewing experience, and the capacity to accommodate around 
66,000 attendees.
 Details of the concert, including the lineup of performing artists, will be disclosed at a later time.
 Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Park Bo Gyoon, 
expressed, "While it is regrettable that the original plan to 
conclude the Saemangeum Jamboree with a K-pop performance at Jeonju 
World Cup Stadium had to be changed due to the altered path of the 
typhoon, the spirit of Saemangeum Jamboree will remain strong 
through a captivating K-pop concert in Sangam. The performance on 
the 11th will mark an emotionally touching finale to the Jamboree, 
where over 40,000 Scouts will unite to experience the allure and 
essence of K-culture."