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Minister’s Remarks on Emergency Evacuation Status Due to Typhoon Khanuns Northward Movement

This is Lee Sang-min, the Minister of the Interior and Safety, 
overseeing the Government Emergency Preparedness and Response 
I would like to provide you with an update on the transportation 
status as of 4 p.m. today.
Out of a total of 1014 buses scheduled for departure, 656 buses 
have left, completing 64.7% of the plan. Although there was a 
slight delay in the verification process for destinations earlier this 
morning, the current progress is proceeding smoothly.
We have already received reports that certain groups have safely 
arrived at new accommodations including Konyang University and 
Kongju National University in Chungcheongnam-do, as well as 
Hongik University, Myongji University, and the University of Seoul 
in Seoul.
Well-prepared boxed lunch meals have been provided for the 
As previously informed, IST members from the World Organization 
of the Scout Movement are guiding the participants, and the police 
are assisting with traffic, ensuring seamless transfers.
As noted earlier in the day, interpreters and guides are welcoming 
participants at each accommodation site.
Starting tomorrow, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety will 
deploy nine director-general level officials to eight different regions 
to ensure the safety and convenience of Jamboree participants and 
to support the smooth progress of upcoming programs.
At present, the police have established communication channels 
with local police stations for each accommodation site, contributing 
to participants' sense of security during their stay.
Looking ahead, we intend to expedite the departure of participants 
who have not yet left and collaborate closely with local authorities 
to ensure safe arrivals at accommodations, along with providing 
comfortable and clean rest after their arrival. 
Please take note that, in order to prevent any safety incidents for 
the closing ceremony and the K-pop concert scheduled for August 
11, safety measures such as safe transportation, crowd 
management, and first aid are also being developed in coordination 
with the fire department and the police.
Thank you.