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2023. 8.6(Sun) Briefing

□ Briefing Overview

- Date: August 6, 2023 (Sunday) at 3:00 pm

  1. Press Center Briefing Room
  1. Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Governor of North Jeolla Province, etc.
  1. Subjects: K-pop event-related matters


□ Briefing by Park Bo Gyoon, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism


Today, I will provide you with a briefing on the K-pop concert. The K-pop concert is a significant element of cultural exchange during the Jamboree, eagerly anticipated by Scouts. The K-pop concert has been meticulously organized by performance and safety personnel to create a festival where Scouts come together in safety and health, showcasing the brilliant charm of K-culture. However, an unprecedented situation of an extreme heatwave is negatively impacting the concert environment.


The performance was originally scheduled for this evening, but the Scouts have been exposed to scorching heat for nearly five days today, on the sixth day. Nonetheless, the concert venue will resonate for two hours with the intense cheers and shouts of 40,000 Scouts right from the start. This presents conditions that could have adverse health effects, including the risk of heat-related illnesses. Medical experts commonly express these concerns and worries. Such an environment also poses challenges in terms of safety management.


After careful deliberation and consultation among our officials and experts, we have determined that it is necessary to change the venue and date of the concert. We have explored suitable alternatives concerning location and date. Consequently, the performance has been rescheduled to the evening of the closing ceremony, which will be held on the 11th. This decision takes into account various factors, including personnel availability, safety management, artist participation, program enhancements and adjustments, transportation conditions from Saemangeum, and the arrangements for the closing ceremony.


The new venue will be the Jeonju World Cup Stadium.

The stadium has a seating capacity of 42,000, with 88% of the seats covered by a roof. After evaluating various options, Jeonju was determined to a suitable location with ideal conditions. The travel time from Saemangeum to Jeonju is approximately 50 minutes, and the Jeonju World Cup Stadium has accumulated years of experience and expertise in safety management.


Furthermore, we believe that Jeonju represents an extension of dedication and contributions from North Jeolla Province and its residents, who have been unwavering in their commitment to the success of Saemangeum Jamboree.


In terms of artist participation, we are in close collaboration with diverse experts, including the Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) team.


With the alteration in venue and date, the Jamboree Task Force is diligently working to ensure the success of the K-pop concert in Jeonju on the 11th. The occasion will provide Scouts with the opportunity to tangibly experience the essence of K-culture and its irresistible allure, creating a vibrant and captivating finale that perfectly aligns with the Saemangeum Jamboree slogan, Draw Your Dream. Thank you.