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2023. 8.6(Sun) Briefing

I wish to express my gratitude to everyone who collaborated in the decision to utilize the Jeonju World Cup Stadium for the K-pop performance.


In fact, a scheduled home match for Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors Football Club coincided with the K-pop performance, but they graciously agreed to relocate the match to another stadium. We extend our sincere appreciation to Jeonbuk Hyundai FC for their cooperation.


To ensure the success of the Saemangeum Jamboree, the residents of Jeollabuk-do Province are uniting their efforts. We will mobilize all available resources in Jeonbuk, including medical personnel, police, firefighters, and volunteers, to make this K-pop concert successful.


As the executive committee chairman representing the province's dedicated work in hosting and preparing for the Jamboree, I extend my heartfelt apologies for any concerns and worries we may have caused.


However, many of the issues raised, such as restroom and sanitary concerns, have been significantly addressed at a rapid pace, which has also been recognized by contingents from various countries, including Germany and Belgium.

Specifically, starting from Monday, we will actively engage with the Scout association to further expand the off-site programs in the 14 provinces and cities, which have received positive feedback from participants thus far.


Lastly, to ensure a secure and enjoyable Jamboree, I will remain on-site and give my utmost until the conclusion.


I kindly request the support of the public and the media. I believe it is not too late to assess the event's success or shortcomings in due course. I hope that all citizens can unite to successfully host the event and showcase Korea's prowess.


Once again, embodying the Scout spirit of challenge, pioneering, and unity, we will strive to ensure the Jamboree's success. Thank you.