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Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree Operational Briefing (Aug. 7)

□ I am Gender Equality and Family Minister Kim Hyunsook.
○ Today marks the halfway point of the 12-day journey of the
2023 World Scout Jamboree. Thanks to the full support of the
central and local governments and the military as well as an
extensive provision of resources from businesses and local
residents to ensure a safe Jamboree, the situation is quickly
stabilizing at the campsite.
○ In addition, the 65 members of the Singaporean contingent,
who decided to pull out early on Aug. 5, are taking part in
on- and off-site programs.
□ First, I am going to brief you on the major programs that will
be carried out during the remaining period.
○ As I mentioned yesterday, the “Saemangeum Got Talent!”
competition will be held from 8:00 p.m. this evening, with 17
countries performing their traditional dances, songs and other
○ The postponed K-pop concert will be held at the Jeonju World
Cup Stadium in Jeollabuk-do Province on Aug. 11.
- To ensure that the Scouts enjoy the performance in a safer
environment, we are making detailed preparations, including
advanced onsite inspections for transport and safety issues
conducted with officials from the World Organization of the
Scout Movement (WOSM).- On the same day, the closing ceremony of the Saemangeum
World Scout Jamboree, which includes a video performance
by participants and a ceremony to hand over the WOSM flag
to Poland, the next host country, will be held. Every detail of
these programs is being made in consultation with the
□ Finally, I will talk about the current status of clinic visitors and safety
○ A total of 1,296 persons visited the clinic yesterday. Among
the related cases, insect bites accounted for 28.4 percent with
368, sunburns 13.9 percent with 180, skin lesions 6.8 percent
with 88 and heat-related sickness 4.3 percent with 56.
□ I will talk about the restrictions imposed on media coverage of the
Air Force’s airshow yesterday.
○ The organizing committee prepared plans for media coverage
for the Air Force’s airshow yesterday, but the WOSM
restricted reporting out of consideration for the psychological
stability of the Scouts and other safety issues in the aftermath
of the shower stall incident.
○ The organizing committee and the WOSM will work closely
together to allow as much media coverage as possible while
guaranteeing the protection and safety of the Scouts going
□ Despite difficulties anticipated from the heat wave, the typhoonand other weather conditions, we will do everything we can to
provide all the support needed by remaining at the site and
immediately resolving problems until the end of the event, so
the World Scout Jamboree can be concluded safely.
Thank you.