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Emergency Evacuation Plan Briefing Due to Typhoon Khanuns Northward Movement

This is Kim Sung-ho, the Vice Minister for Disaster and Safety 
Management at the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS).
I will now brief you on the emergency evacuation plan for 
participants of the 2023 25th World Scout Jamboree in 
Saemangeum, in response to the impact of Typhoon Khanun.
This plan has been developed due to concerns regarding the 
potential impact of the typhoon on Jeollabuk-do Province, 
which could affect the operation of the Jamboree campsite. It 
was initiated following the President's directive for 
government-level measures, issued on August 6.
This emergency evacuation plan also considers the concerns 
and requests of the World Organization of the Scout Movement 
(WOSM) and participating countries.
Firstly, I will outline the emergency evacuation travel plan.
Evacuation is scheduled to begin sequentially tomorrow at 10 
a.m. The target group includes over 36,000 participants from 
156 countries, and more than 1,000 buses will be mobilized for 
Buses will be allocated by country, and interpreters will be 
provided for communication convenience.To ensure safety, order, and smooth transportation, the 
transfer process will be supported by relevant government 
agencies such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and 
Transport, as well as police and fire departments.
Next is the plan for securing emergency accommodations.
Through cooperation with local government authorities across 
the country, administrative facilities and private educational 
facilities outside the direct impact zone of the typhoon, 
particularly in the capital region, will be secured to provide 
comfortable and safe accommodations for the participants.
This emergency evacuation plan will be discussed for 
cooperation during a nationwide meeting of governors and 
mayors, presided over by the Prime Minister at 6 p.m. today. 
Cooperation will also be sought for various off-site activities.
The South Korean government will make thorough 
preparations to ensure that participants are provided with 
suitable accommodations and Jamboree programs for the 
remaining four nights and five days.
Thank you.