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2023. 8.5(Sat) Briefing

I will briefly go over the measures that were taken by the government and by private companies to manage the safety of the 25th World Scout Jamboree and its smooth operation.


In addition to the 130 cooling buses that had originally been placed on-site, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has deployed 104 more such vehicles.


The Ministry of National Defense has installed shades covering 3716㎡, and 64 canopies.


Regarding medical personnel, a total of 60 persons were additionally dispatched, including 28 doctors, 18 nurses, 13 paramedics, and 9 administrative personnel. Private hospitals are set to dispatch medical personnel as well, including 18 persons from Severance Hospital and 11 persons from Seoul National University Hospital.


The government has also started to mobilize from today onward more than 700 service personnel in order to maintain the cleanliness of convenience facilities such as showering facilities.


Following my random inspection of the site, I was able to see that, compared to when the issues had first been made known, the majority of the issues have seen progress. However, as there is still more room for improvement, we will continue our efforts until the participants are satisfied.


We have received a myriad of non-governmental support.


Hyundai Heavy Industries and more have swiftly provided the equipment and manpower required to repair and install convenient facilities including showering facilities.


Around 20 companies and organizations have donated items to prevent heat-related diseases, including drinking water, sports drinks, iceboxes, handheld electric fans, umbrellas, etc.


I would like to express my gratitude to these non-governmental efforts, and to the support from our citizens.


In regards to the timeline of the World Scout Jamboree, it was decided at a meeting today with each contingent present to proceed with the event, rather than cease it.


In consideration of the heatwave, the government recommends participating in different programmes located in different regions outside of SaeManGeum. For those wishing to do so, we will be providing sufficient support including transportation.

As the president had underlined, the government plans to urgently add off-site programmes that can showcase the industries and culture of the Republic of Korea and provide these programmes to the participants of the World Scout Jamboree.


The co-chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the event, Kim Hyunsook, will explain to you the details.