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Lee Joo-young, Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for World Scout Jamboree, received the Best Achievement Award in Asia-Pacific Regional Conference


At the 26th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference, Honorable Lee Joo-young received the Best Achievement Award. Hon. Lee was Vice Chairman of the National Assembly and Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the World Scout Jamboree. The 26th Asia Pacific Reginal Conference was held in Manila, Philippines during 2018 October 15th to the 20th. The award was presented to him as a token of appreciation for his outstanding service and support toward the betterment of Scout movement.

"At present, the world as global village is suffering from a huge gap and disparity" Lee said at the 26th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference held at the Manila International Convention Center on 2018 October 16th. "This hatred of contemporary society, it is a serious threat to stability. As a countermeasure to solve this problem, we propose the exchange without borders and various activities. "
"I will do my best in the World Scout Jamboree preparation as a chairperson to develop a new paradigm of youth activities and to lead youth culture through the 25th World Scout Jamboree in 2023". Hon. Lee has served as vice president of the 20th Congress of the National Assembly and as a vice-president of the World Scout Parliamentarians council. He has also served as the chairman of the World Jamboree bid committee in 2017 and serving chairman of World Scout jamboree preparation committee.